Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wade Bowen Concert Recap - Lawrence 3/02/12

Last night at the Granada was Wade Bowen.  I have been told numerous times I need to see Wade and just never have.  I don't really know many of his songs, but I gave it a chance.

I spent the weeks before the show listening to some of his music, which I really do like.  He seems like such a nice guy and his songs are really good.

As always the sound at the Granada was great.  Wade and his band sounded exactly like they do on the albums which is always a good thing.

Here is singing "You Had Me at My Best"....

Wade played a couple of covers too which is always fun.  He did him his own way which makes it is a song you know but in the style of Wade Bowen.

Wade mentioned that things are looking up for him after playing music for so long....why is that?  Because he has a top 40 hit with "Saturday Night".  Very cool to hear this one on the radio...

Overall, it was a really fun night. I would definitely go see and recommend Wade Bowen if he comes to your town.

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