Monday, October 31, 2011

Brantley Gilbert Concert Recap - Kansas City 10/30/11

Last night, 106.5 The Wolf hosted a new music showcase with Brantley Gilbert.  The show originally was going to be at the Indie which is a very small bar.  The demand was so high that it was moved to the Midland.  It was a little bigger than they needed, but I was glad we had plenty of room.

He did not have his full band with him, instead it was just Brantley and two guys playing acoustic guitar and singing backup.  I think it sounded great this way.  One of his best songs is "Them Boys" and it worked perfectly this way.

Brantley Gilbert spent a little time talking to the crowd which was pretty rowdy actually for a Sunday night.  People were just yelling out requests and he had to fend them off like a soccer goalie.

Brantley has been a successful songwriter and he is finally getting his own songs with him singing on the radio.  "Country Must be Country Wide" is that hit and it is in the top 5 right now...

About halfway through the concert, I told my friend I hope she enjoyed the free concert because I doubt he is ever here for free show again.  That is how good his songs are and how awesome he was on stage.

I really don't think of love songs when I think of Brantley Gilbert but this might be one that works for him.  "My Kind of Crazy" shows what kind of girl a country boy would like. 

Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert wrote "Dirt Road Anthem" together and a couple years later Jason Aldean recorded the song and made it a huge hit.  I like both versions but it was awesome to hear Brantley do his version.

After that, the house lights came up and they were going to end the show.  This wasn't one of those walk of the stage for an encore thing...the music even started playing.  People were just begging him to play one more song, "Kick it in the Sticks".  He said he was sorry if it didn't sound good acoustically.  I think he was worried for no reason!

The only bad part about having it in the Midland is that we didn't get to meet him after.  That was okay though since so many more people got to see him.  It was a great show and I will be going to see him if he is anywhere close again!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pat Green Concert Recap - Kansas City 10/28/11

Last night, I took my son to the American Royal Rodeo and to see Pat Green.  It was a little different concert experience since he had to be home early to go to school.  The rodeo before the show was going to make it impossible for him to stay too long also!  I think it ended around 930 before they even set up the concert.

Before the concert, we ate over at P&L District.  We went by 106.5 The Wolf's tent to get some pens or something...they weren't giving away anything so I asked them why.  Well, they were extra nice and gave us floor passes and Meet and Greet passes.  Thank you to the guys from KC Limits.  It really made the night better.

We had fun at the rodeo.  Once it was over, the lowered the stage down from the ceiling.  We got to go down on the dirt and after a little bit of time, Pat Green was on stage!

I haven't seen Pat sing for several years.  In between then and now, I am way more into the Texas music scene.  Because of that, Pat seemed better than I remember.  He was really happy to be there and it made the show better. 

Much has been made about Pat Green moving back to Texas from Nashville.  I think this is his new single, sounds like the move has worked for him.

During the rodeo, it seemed like the Sprint Center was empty.  During the concert though, the floor in front of the stage was pretty packed.  We had to move around so my 6 year old could see.  Everyone was nice though so it was fine.

As I stated earlier, we only got to stay about the half concert but that is something that happens when you take your kid to a concert on a Thursday.  Didn't get to hear some of his biggest songs, but that is okay.  I will catch them next time!

Here is Baby Doll!

And finally, here is our Meet & Greet picture.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Little Big Town/Logan Mize Concert Recap - Kansas City 10/08/11

Little Big Town and Logan Mize played the Midland Theatre last night.  It is for sure the most beautiful venue in Kansas City so I always like going there.  I had not been there since August for Whitesnake...I would love to go to more concerts there.

First up was Logan Mize.  I had never heard of him until Friday.  A friend of mine had seen him open for Wade Bowen and said I should check him out.

So I started looking him up and found he is from Kansas and that his music was pretty good.  It translated well to the concert too.  Most of the time if the audience has never heard of you, it would be pretty quiet.  Instead, they were really into them.  And he didn't tell them he was from the area till almost the end...

I liked his music enough to grab one of his CDs.  I will be interested to see what happens with his career.  Here he is singing "Good Life".

Little Big Town was up next.  For me, when I saw them live was when I really started liking them.  Their voices are so beautiful together...

I think Little Big Town is the kind of country music some people just don't like.  I know they aren't traditional country, but there is nothing wrong with that.  They would have no place on pop radio so country radio has to be their home.

The current single, "Shut Up Train" is one of the best songs on the radio right now.  It is so simple and yet so haunting...

Little Big Town has had several hits that are about family, coming together and loving each other.  There is a sweetness there that makes you really happy to be at the concert...

I saw them do the cover of "Born this Way" in Nashville at CMA Fest.  It shows what this song could be if the singer didn't scream all the time and act crazy.  Lady Gaga could really take some lessons here...

The stage show was very simple.  They would change the background every once in a while and had a few images on the background.  The focus was all on the music and the crowd was really excited to hear them. 

Little Big Town has become one of my favorite groups.  Most of the music I like rocks much harder but their sound is so great, I just can't resist it.  The venue last night was part of the charm that added to the overall was a great concert with some awesome music.

And finally, their signature song: "Boondocks"

Friday, October 7, 2011

Miranda Lambert Concert Recap - Topeka, KS 10/06/11

Revolution Continues with Miranda Lambert, Justin Moore & Randy Rogers Band was in Topeka, KS at the Kansas Expo Center last night.  It was a great concert and highlighted why Miranda Lambert is the Queen of Country Music in 2011.

First up was Randy Rogers Band.  I have seen them three times in 2011.  I think this was the best one since they played the shortest.  I actually knew all of the song which was a plus.

They sounded really great and were full of energy.  They play around 20 minutes and did a great job.  I would say this was the best performance I have seen from them...

Next up was Justin Moore.  This was the 4th time I had seen Justin so far this year and he was good as ever.  Some of the people I went to the concert with said he got a louder response than Miranda.

Justin Moore is one of my favorite artists because I think I have so much in common with him. He grew up in a small town, I think we feel about the same way about politics and he likes to mix his country with some loud guitars.

I really can't say anything more, Justin Moore is one of my favorite performers and I would go see him anytime he is near here.  I didn't really get but one song on video because I already have everything on YouTube.  I figured I should get one, so here is "Backwoods"

And finally, it was time for Miranda Lambert.  In case there is any question, she put on a great show too.  I don't like a ton of female performers but I do like her.  Kind of funny too because this woman behind me said,  "She just hates men, I love it!"

I think what helps make Miranda Lambert so successful is that she can do a song about shooting a man in the face and then a sweet love song.  She is also so damn cute, how can you not love her?

Miranda Lambert had a cool stage set up too.  There was a ramp out into the crowd pit and when she was on the end, a fan was there to blow her hair up.  She looked pure rock n roll.

Here she is doing was awesome!

In the middle of Miranda's set, she brought up the Pistol Annies.  Yes, they tore the place down.  Just them walking down the stairs at the back of the stage caused the crowd to just lose it. 

I love the whole Pistol Annies is just so great.  I think it allows Miranda and her friends to just right some really country and a little bit crazy is the Hunter's Wife..

When we saw Miranda at her fan club party in June, they played "Takin' Pills".  It might be one of the catchiest songs of 2011.  I knew I had to get this one on video!

After the Pistol Annies, it was back to Miranda solo.  She did "Rag Doll" by Aerosmith and even had the microphone set up like Steven Tyler would have. 

Of course, she played her own songs too.  Her current single is "Baggage Claim"...a pretty fun song.  You can see she really like to perform it too...

The concert was great because you could just tell Miranda was having fun.  She couldn't stop smiling the whole night. 

For the encore, she brought everybody up on stage to sing "King of the Road".  It was a pretty cool moment.

This wasn't the first time I have seen Miranda, but she just keeps getting better.  Add in Justin Moore and the Pistol Annies, and this is a concert that should not be missed.