Friday, December 2, 2011

Wolf Acoustic Christmas Concert Recap - 12/01/11

Last night was 106.5 The Wolf Acoustic Christmas.  It was a cool event that was a benefit for the Salvation Army.  If you brought a $10 toy to the radio station, you got a ticket.

Another reason it was cool was it was acoustic and everyone was on stage at once.  It was really good because each artist got to play 3 or 4 songs alternating between artists.

One of the reasons I was there for sure was James Wesley.  A Kansas native, he seemed the most country out of all the people there. 

He did his first single "Real" kicked off the show...

Then it was Bucky Covington.  I saw him open for Dierks Bentley a few years ago and I thought he was very enjoyable.

The song I like best by Bucky is for sure "A Different World" true!

Then another American Idol was there...Casey James.  He is so new he only has one single but he is working on a full length album.  He did such a good job too.

Casey has a really good voice and I like his new single...I can see that one going far!

And the final group was Gloriana....I really like their music.  All of their songs are catchy and fun.  I had wanted to see them for a while so I was very excited.

They introduced their song "Take You Home with Me" as a song for girls to dance too...they sure did.  So good...

And their current single is good too...."(Kissed You) Good Night"....I hope it is a big hit too!

The best thing about one of these types of concerts is they normally do a big jam at the end.  Of course, they had to do "Folsom Prison Blues"!

Such a fun night for a good cause.  I could go to shows like this all the time.  It is the best way to do a show and you can really hear the songs the way they should be.  I thought all the artists did a great job and I can't wait to see who they bring in next year!

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