Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kid Rock Concert Recap - Kansas City 11/30/11

Last night, Kid Rock was at the Midland doing a benefit for a couple of charities.  It was his CARE tour where he donated money at each stop to some local charities and played a really small place.  It was a great night.

Opening the night was Ty Stone.  This is the third time I have seen him and he was just as good as always.  How many guys can go out there with just a guitar and rock the house?

He only got to play a few songs but what he played went over really well.  I am sure he got some new fans last night which is the whole point on a tour.  The only song by him that I have ever heard on any radio is "American Style" which is by far one of the better songs that any station ever plays.

Next up....KID ROCK

This is the third time I have seen Kid Rock in a full concert, not counting the times in Nashville.  He is such a fun performer with more energy than should be allowed really.  And in such a small place last night, it was right there for everyone to feel.

With a smaller venue, he did play more old school songs than I had heard before...not a bad thing though.  I always love it when they change up the set list as long as they keep the big hits in there.

And one of those biggest hits is "Cowboy"...

Kid Rock has such a great stage presence.  The Midland holds about 3000 people and it felt like he looked at every person in there and acknowledged they were there.  He seemed so happy to be there and I wasn't sure he was ever go to end the show.

During his performance of Care, he spoke about the charities the concert was helping.  It was such a cool moment where he got pretty emotional.  He asked everyone to just give Detroit another look so he was really doing the concert for our local charities and as a good will ambassador for his home town.

Of course, he did get behind the turntable for a bit...

And he played drums on one song...

And then the place really went crazy when he played "Bawitdaba".  I am not sure it comes across here how crazy it really was but it felt like the place was shaking...

Overall, it was such a special night.  Last time Kid Rock was here he sold out the much bigger Sprint Center and this time it was the small Midland.  It sounded like he might have just been bored with his son going to college and he decided to do a small tour where he could help out.  It really shows how cool he is and why people were there to see him again.

And his last song was "Bore Free" which is the best way he could have closed the show...

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