Friday, October 28, 2011

Pat Green Concert Recap - Kansas City 10/28/11

Last night, I took my son to the American Royal Rodeo and to see Pat Green.  It was a little different concert experience since he had to be home early to go to school.  The rodeo before the show was going to make it impossible for him to stay too long also!  I think it ended around 930 before they even set up the concert.

Before the concert, we ate over at P&L District.  We went by 106.5 The Wolf's tent to get some pens or something...they weren't giving away anything so I asked them why.  Well, they were extra nice and gave us floor passes and Meet and Greet passes.  Thank you to the guys from KC Limits.  It really made the night better.

We had fun at the rodeo.  Once it was over, the lowered the stage down from the ceiling.  We got to go down on the dirt and after a little bit of time, Pat Green was on stage!

I haven't seen Pat sing for several years.  In between then and now, I am way more into the Texas music scene.  Because of that, Pat seemed better than I remember.  He was really happy to be there and it made the show better. 

Much has been made about Pat Green moving back to Texas from Nashville.  I think this is his new single, sounds like the move has worked for him.

During the rodeo, it seemed like the Sprint Center was empty.  During the concert though, the floor in front of the stage was pretty packed.  We had to move around so my 6 year old could see.  Everyone was nice though so it was fine.

As I stated earlier, we only got to stay about the half concert but that is something that happens when you take your kid to a concert on a Thursday.  Didn't get to hear some of his biggest songs, but that is okay.  I will catch them next time!

Here is Baby Doll!

And finally, here is our Meet & Greet picture.

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