Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yallapalooza 2011 Featuring Eric Church - Kansas City 8/27/11

Yesterday, was Q104's 17th annual Yallapalooza at Sandstone featuring Eric Church.  The music itself was great but I first need to start off by talking about the train-wreck that is Sandstone.

The place is just awful.  It really should just be closed.  Since it was purchased a few years ago, it has not had any updates and has gone downhill.  It was supposed to be one of the first "green" concert venues.  I guess "green" that means you let it deteriorate so bad that it fades back into nature.

The food vendors were terrible, you had the option of some fries, nachos, soda and beer.  Not good at all.  They weren't even all open.  The seats were also in awful shape, could really use some paint and the metal part was getting very rusted out.

Then the bathrooms, they were gross.  Not clean at all...then later in the night one was closed because it "exploded".  Not sure I want to know what that means but it cannot be good!

On the positive side, the sound was really good.  I just hope if they have this next year, it is somewhere else.  Sandstone either needs a big makeover or to retire.

Now to the music...

First up, the Dirt Drifters.  I had seen them earlier this summer opening up for Clay Walker.  I really enjoy them and wish they could have played longer.

The Dirt Drifters are so confident in their music that they were giving their CD away for free.  I am betting it worked, because all of their songs are really good. 

My favorite song by them right now is "Always a Reason" so I had to get that...

Next up was Hunter Hayes...I was really not that excited to see him.  I only had heard one song and it sounds a little too feminine for me.

I can say I liked him much better than I thought I would.  He played a more bluesy style of country.  He also seems to be a really talented guitar player too...even played a little keyboard.  One of my favorite things about concerts, finding an artist that can win you over.

And here is his first single, "Storm Warning"...

Next up was David Nail.  I missed part of him due to the M&G, but what I heard was great.  He really played up that he was from Missouri and had band members who went to KU and KSU.  He said even though he was from Missouri, he loved the area.  "If Bell Self walked out on stage right now, I would hug the shit out of him."

David seemed really excited to be there.  I think being on tour all the time, he liked being in the same general area that he is from.  He even sounded like he got emotional on a few songs.

Here he is singing his current single, "Let it Rain"...

I enjoyed David Nail, but like I said...I missed a large chunk of it.  I am curious to see how the rest of his career he is singing "Red Light"...

And finally it was time for Eric Church.  I have seen him so many times I decided I wasn't getting any songs except ones from the new album "Chief".

An Eric Church concert is about lots of things...drinking, Eric's energy, the crowd knowing all his put all of that together and you get a unique country concert experience.

Not many other artists would have people going crazy for a song that was never on the radio.  For example, all the people waving their boots around during "These Boots"...

Not sure how else to even describe an Eric Church concert.  It is really close to being a rock show.  It is funny to see these women who know him for "Hell on the Heart" or "Love Your Love the Most" and see how crazy the crowd is.

Eric was joining right in with the party last night.  He slammed a couple of beers on stage...just like the crowd had been doing all night...

Even though the venue was pure garbage, the concert was great.  Eric Church is consistently entertaining in concert...he just never disappoints. 

And here are the songs of Eric I got...

Drink in My Hand

I'm Getting Stoned



Jack Daniels

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