Sunday, August 21, 2011

Josh Thompson Concert Recap - Kearney, MO 8/20/11

For the 2nd time in 2 weeks, I went to Keanrey Amphitheatre to see a concert.  The difference was 20 degrees lower which made the same venue so much better.  We actually had to put jackets on near the end.  Kearney does a great job of hosting these concerts and I am looking forward to see what they have in 2012.

Josh Thompson is one of my favorite new country artists.  I have seen him maybe 10 his fan club  party, opening for Dierks, opening for Eric Church and even by himself a couple times.  It was another great night with him.  I can't wait till his next album comes out.

Josh's album "Way Out Here" has such a great collection of songs. I have heard him do almost every song on the album several times.  I really never get tired of any of them, I would go see him tonight if I could...

He also did a few covers.  I wouldn't mind him putting out some sort of iTunes album where he did only covers. 

Josh sounded great and full of energy.  He said he had been fishing and drinking beer in the pond at the park all day, and he was ready to party.

He played a couple new songs.  I like them all and hearing them just makes me want to hear that new album even more.

Josh Thompson really connects well with an audience.  I think everyone that was there will now be a fan.

My favorite song by Josh Thompson for sure is "Way Out Here"...when you live Kansas I think you can really relate to it.  When you see some of the stuff on the news, you feel like you live in a different country..

We just saw Jason Aldean last week and it was cool to hear Josh do a song he wrote for Jason's new album..

I have seen Josh so many was hard to get any videos since I already had almost all of them already on my YouTube channel.  He was just as good as always and I look forward to his new music and another tour.
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