Friday, August 26, 2011

Jerrod Niemann Concert Recap - Kansas City 8/26/11

The last night of the summer season of Hot Country Nights at the Kansas City Power & Light District happened yesterday.  Jerrod Niemann was the last performer and it was the most crowded of the year besides the Band Perry.

I have seen Jerrod maybe 10 times.  I have been following him for almost two years.  I used to hear One More Drinkin Song about 2 years ago.  Lover, Lover was on XM57 way before normal radio also.  I saw him last year at Whiskey Tango and no one even knew who he was.  Very different story now!

I was a little worried about the sound.  It was off during the opening act and when the Q104 DJs came out, you couldn't heard them.  Fortunately, the sound was way better for Jerrod.  The weather was good too, the walk from the car was like a fall day.

Jerrod's debut album was named one of the best of last year, heck even the NY Times said so.  I have heard all the songs live before and pretty much the style that he does them.  Nothing wrong with it, but it even limited the videos I took.

Jerrod did mix in some covers I have never seen him do.  I really liked his version of Santeria!

The crowd was very into the show tonight.  A few times I felt they were a little extra rowdy but what do you expect from a party crowd?  Plenty of kids there and Jerrod's songs are really not very offensive.

This fall Jerrod is opening for Dierks Bentley along with Eli Young Band.  I hope it comes close, because I will for sure be there.

Going to miss going downtown every Thursday night...will make for a long winter.  They normally have some shows throughout the fall/winter, but it is not the same.

Here is Jerrod's best known song so far, "Lover, Lover"...

And another great cover, "Dixieland Delight"...

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