Friday, August 12, 2011

Frankie Ballard Concert Recap - Kansas City 8/11/11

Another week, another Thursday night concert at Kansas City Power & Light District.  Last night, it was Frankie Ballard.  I didn't know anything about him going in except for a couple of songs, so it was going to be interesting to see what would happen.

The first thing to mention was the weather.  It was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and it was not hot. Every concert I have been to this summer has been pretty hot, where you just would stand there and would sweat.  Not last night, an actual cool breeze!

Frankie Ballard is a new artist and I don't really know his story.  So the first thing I was surprised with, he can really play guitar.  He had a lead guitarist in his band, but he was actually probably the real one.  He would come out in front of the stage and just kill a guitar solo.

Frankie also has a good sense of humor. There was a girl there getting married this Saturday and he made his band get them shots.  He brought her up on stage and did shots with her.  That will be something she will remember...

Last time Frankie Ballard played Kansas City, he opened for Bob Seger.  Right there, you know he is going to be pretty good.  They are both from Michigan, but that is one of those things that really gets your attention.

I only knew two of his songs coming in, so I was hoping he might do a cover or two.  He did a cover of "A Boy Named Sue".  He made it his own and it turned out to be a highlight of the night.

Besides killing it on guitar, he seemed like a nice guy.  There was a little girl up right at the stage.  He came over and gave her a guitar pick.  Later, he tried to give her a fist bump but she got a little shy.  He also seemed to appreciate getting to play on stage.

I really enjoyed the entire concert.  I would like to have known more songs going in, but he is just starting out.  With his voice and guitar skills, you can see him becoming a big star.  Will look forward to seeing him coming back through town.

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