Friday, July 15, 2011

Randy Rogers Band/Reckless Kelly in Kansas City Concert Recap

Another Thursday night, another Hot Country Nights concert at the Kansas City Power and Light District!  So far this year I have attended Justin Moore, Clay Walker, Steel Magnolia and Band Perry.  This week it was Randy Rogers Band with Reckless Kelly.

Hot Country Nights 2011
First off, let me say there is a reason I call these recaps and not reviews.  To me a review is from a music critic who maybe comments on the setlist and musicianship.  Not me.  I am a fan who goes to shows where I love the artist or think I could really like them.  I have went to many shows out of curiosity but I still don't think it is fair to call them reviews.

Brings me to this recap, I can say I know a few songs played at this concert but I would no way consider my fan.  But I generally like they kind of music that both Randy Rogers Band and Reckless Kelly play.

First up, was the opener....Reckless Kelly.  I really thought they were great.  The audio at Power & Light seems to suffer, I had a hard time understanding most of the lyrics.

Reckless Kelly
 Even though I couldn't hear everything perfect, it is clear that Reckless Kelly has an awesome sound.  The songs were well crafted, a little mixture of rock, Texas Country and I think a little of a jam band.  I really hope they come back, I will make sure I know some of their songs if that happens. 

Next up was Randy Rogers Band.  Coming in to the show, I had a bad experience with a Randy Rogers Band concert in Wichita.  I thought they came off as very arrogant and like they were a big deal.  Maybe it was me or just that night, but I thought they were so much more enjoyable this time.

Like I said before, I did not really know but a couple Randy Rogers songs.  But one good way for me to measure the band is to see how the people around me were reacting.  They were really into it, making me wish I was a fan.  They knew every word and every song which made for a much better experience.

Randy Rogers Band is just no nonsense.  They will say a couple words between songs and then it is off to the next one.  I am not really against that, if the music is good, I don't really need to hear any stories about it. 

A couple of people there knew about my bad experience in Wichita and they asked if it had changed at all after the concert.  I would have to say it has.  I would be excited to see them another time if they came throw town.  Ladies and gentleman, that is how you can fix a first impression.

Finally, a performance from the show...

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