Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My worst concert experience ever was at Crossroads KC

I am not sure I can count how many concerts I have attended.  I have been to ones where it poured all night, where it was crazy hot, where the fans were too wild and the security was bad and ones where I thought the band sucked.  Well, tonight it got topped by the horrible experience at Crossroads KC.

It was hot tonight, probably a heat index of around 110.  It is also around 40 miles from my house to the venue (I bet there are people who drove much further).  Because of this, I wasn't sure I was going to buy tickets till the night of the show.  So to avoid some of the heat, I got down there at around 8:15 PM and bought tickets at the box office.

I decided to take my son to his first rock show, Cinderella.  He has been to country shows but never to a rock show.  I thought we would be able to bring our seats in and enjoy the concert.  He was very excited!

He thought he was going to see his first rock show...
So the opening act was Hammerlord, a local band from KC/Lawrence.  I am sure they are a good band and all but they did not match the sound of Cinderella at all.  Far too heavy and was just a bunch of crazy screaming, probably a totally different genre. So what did we do?  We got some food and drink to pass the time (so more money + the ticket I had already paid).

So Hammerlord's set just kind of ended abruptly.  Thought it was strange but didn't think much of it.  So we thought they were setting up for Cinderella, then someone came out.  He gave us a rundown of all the upcoming shows and they just said the show wasn't happening due to illness.  I don't think it was very clear since people didn't really react or get mad at first.  Then they said they were not offering refunds, that it would be rescheduled.

I am sure they knew about this when I bought my tickets and all the people around me who were buying beer and stuff around me so they were collecting money from people who thought they were going to see a concert.  Even if they have the concert later, they are riping people off by selling them the beer and food twice.

I am not even convinced they will have the show.  It wasn't really that full so that could be why it was cancelled.  Either way, my son was very disappointed and I feel like this venue could have down more to tell us earlier to avoid the heat and the drive.  Congrats on being my worst concert experience ever Crossroads KC!!!

Small crowd...the real reason???
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