Friday, July 29, 2011

Corey Smith Concert Recap in Kansas City - 7/28/11

Last night was another concert at the Kansas City Power & Light District.  Corey Smith was there, and to be honest, it is the concert I was looking forward to the most of the summer besides CMA Fest.

One of my friends was lucky enough to win a Meet & Greet pass from PBR Big Sky.  So we did get down there pretty early to eat over at Johnny's.  When I met him he asked, "Is this your first show?  I am really excited to play here in Kansas City."  He seemed like a really nice guy and very happy to be meeting everyone.

Once the meet and greet was over, we made our way to the stage.  I wanted to be really close so I got up right by the stage.  I was almost right in the middle so that was nice.

Once Corey came out, it was clear he was going to get some love from the crowd.  There were girls around us than had seen him several times and lots of people knew every word to every song.

Lots of artists sing "Kansas City" when they come to town.  Not Corey, he decided to write his own song about the town on his way on the plane.  It is short but very cool.

Another good thing about the night was the fact that the sound was perfect.  The entire show sounded great so it seems like the audio issues up there have cleared up.  Thumbs up KCP&L District!

Corey Smith doesn't look like your ordinary country singer.   I am not sure he would 100% classify himself as a country singer even though he is now getting some play on country radio.  He is from the south and sings about some country themes but that may be where it ends.

"I Love Everyone" is one of those songs that really makes him unique.  I don't think many other artists would have the guts to sing this type of song.  I think it is very important though...just to show that we should all be accepting and love other people.

Corey Smith has just released a new album called "The Broken Record".  It is made up of some new songs and some songs he has released previously.  One of those is "Backroads".  It is one of those tracks that has made him an under the radar hit.

Even though Corey seems mild mannered and shy, when he gets on stage he puts on a show full of energy.  It seems like the stage is really his place to shine.

 He even took this picture, I think for his Facebook or Twitter, which was pretty funny. 

Overall, it was a great concert.  He mentioned he was going to be back in Kansas City in September and I can promise I will be there.  I think a few people in the crowd were disappointed that he didn't play a certain song about the police but I am betting he was asked not to.

And finally, his biggest hit so far..."Twenty One".   I think we can all relate.

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